Women on the Margins
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Certificate Course on Sewing and Designing for Women in Bodhgaya

The Bodhi Kendra under the auspices of Deshkal Society has initiated a program on Sewing and Designing that showcases Buddhist Arts and Sculptures of Bodhgaya. It is one of the most potential places in the Buddhist circuit with an urgent need to initiate a training and skill building programme with the aim of creating sustainable livelihoods for women and adolescent girls located on the margins. The philosophical underpinning of this program is derived from the four noble truths of Buddhism – the disease, the cause, the care and the medicine in order to mitigate the suffering of humankind.
The creativity and skills of the women will be facilitated in order to produce khadag, chivar, t-shirts, kurties, monk bags, tourist bags, sling bags etc. that will bear the impression of Buddhist arts, images and sculptures of Bodhgaya. These products will cater to the local and global demands among the enlightened buyers, tourists and pilgrims.

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बोधगया, गया:महादलित महिलाओं को आत्मनिर्भर की पहल,देशकाल सोसाइटी की ओर प्रशिक्षण का आयोजन